Audio Engineering Group

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M2 Group's process automation and manufacturing group is a valuable resource for our audio design team that few other acoustical consultants possess. Our in house engineering team enables us to utilize the actual architectural CAD files to creating 3D computer models for project analysis. This also allows any necessary acoustic treatment, electrical risers and sound reinforcement structural load points to be incorporated into the architectural drawings. Our day to day experience working with project coordinators, architects and mechanical engineers is a natural fit when it comes to designing a space that is both acoustically and ascetically pleasing.

Acoustic modeling during the design stage enables us to work directly with architects and contractors to obtain an end result with predictable acoustic properties. Should the need arise we also have the capability to manufacture custom design components that are not available as off the shelf items.

M2 Group has aquired a reputation that is second to none for the design and fabrication of custom, invisible, high strength loudspeaker cluster riggings.

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