5-Slot Computer Chassis

65 Watt 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz (optional +24 & -48 VDC)
100 Watt 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz (optional)

150 Watt 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz (optional)

Backplane: (Photo)
5-slot standard ISA/PCI passive backplanes
Two ISA, two PCI, one CPU
Four ISA, one CPU

One ISA, Three PCI, one CPU
3 ISA, one PCI, one CPU
Custom backplanes available

SBC/CPU (CPU specs):
Pentium∆ 133 to Dual Pentium∆ II 450

Cooling: (see diagram)
One 17 CFM (0.5 m3/min) & one 25 CFM (o.7 m3/min) 50,000 hour ball bearing ventilation fans to allow no more than 10ÉC rise above ambient temperature

Pre-Punched Rear Panel:
One DB - 9 Serial
One DB - 25 Parallel
One PS/2 mouse or keyboard

Drive Capacity:
One 3.5" floppy or HD bay
Two 3.5" internal HD bays

Max products are designed to meet the following certifications:
Safety: UL 1950, CUL C22.2-950, IEC950/EN60950
Emissions: FCC Class A, CISPR Class B
Immunity: ESD 1000-4-2, Susceptibility 1000-4-3, EFT 1000-4-4
Certifications: UL, CUL, CE, NEBS Level 3

Airflow Diagram


The key to maximum cooling is eliminating "hot spots" and increasing the exchange of outside to inside air. As you can see from the diagram, cool air is introduced through both a front chassis fan as well as strategically located cooling inlet vents located in front of the drives. Airflow is then managed per the diagram to eliminate hot spots and expel the heated air trough the back and top of the chassis. Due to the low total air volume of the Max computers, with this high amount of airflow management, the air volume turns over more easily. All these advancements combine to provide thermal security for today’s high powered processors and DSP card technology.

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