MAX 17 Photo
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The MAX 17 is a modular Industrial Workstation for plant floor environment applications, providing one the of the largest monitors available in a complete Industrial PC package. The MAX 17 is available in standard configuration or with an integral touch screen for a true single assembly user interface. Modular design facilitates ease of serviceability and maintenance.

Only five major sub-assemblies make up the entire MMI package. The removable PC module offers fast field replacement of the entire PC--virtually eliminating down time. The PC module features all industry standard connectors/peripherals enabling it to be operated in a desktop environment for hardware/software maintenance and then return to service in the field. All black anodized Aluminum face plate with Stainless Steel hardware and sixteen gauge steel enclosure construction provide a return to true Industrial PC MMI design. The modern front panel design does not distract from the pertinent information being provided to the operator.

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